Friday, April 24, 2009

Online Shopping Menus

This week, I am starting a new web site with specialty menus available. In order to have a special membership site and have the menus be more printer friendly, I had to set up a different web site. This should be the last time I post to this site for menus and then, it will be moving to my other site, which will be all set up later this week.

The new site will still have free regular menus. In addition, there will be a membership section for paying subscribers to receive specialty menus, such as weight loss, diabetic, vegetarian, budget, gluten-free, etc. There will also be cooking videos for different foods and links to some wonderful food sites and expert articles. I'm thrilled to be offering such great content to everyone. I think I will still be able to use the same cookbook for most of the menus, but if you know of a great cookbook for any of the specialty menus, let me know.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for the new site, coming soon.


  1. Amy, I am so excited that you are branching out ! Good luck with your new site...I'll still be your loyal follower LOL !

  2. Thanks so much, Lynn. I'll still be your loyal follower, too.


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