Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Finally Gave In and Started Blogspot

I finally gave in and started a blog on blogspot. I've got other blogs, but when I try to comment on blogspot blogs, I find that I can't do many of them unless I have a google ID, so here I am, blogging once again! I'm Amy Boyack, if you couldn't tell by my title. I have a huge family because it's kind of a yours, mine, and ours situation. We have three of his, three of mine, and one of ours. There are also grandkids, which I think is hilarious because I'm too young to be a grandma.

I live in a great little tiny town in Idaho and I love the community. With such a small town, I get to sing all the time, play for concerts, have lots of friends, and still stay home with my youngest daughter in the day. I work at home, helping people get out of debt, so I can spend most of my day with her.

I have four sisters, and two brothers. They are tons of fun and very musical. When we get together, it's a song waiting to burst forth. Often, it's like being in a musical and people just start singing for no apparent reason.

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