Saturday, November 15, 2008

We Just Found the Puppies

I've been hearing about the puppies on the internet making a huge hit with tons of viewers. I guess when I first heard it, I thought, "How pathetic. People are sitting around wasting time watching a bunch of puppies sleeping? Then, I decided to click the link and I was instantly hooked.

It took a while for them to wake up. First, they were all just sleeping soundly. Then, they started twitching and moving a bit. I was watching with my baby, who was fussing until she saw the puppies. When they started waking up, she was laughing and pointing at them. I don't know if it was more fun watching her or the puppies. Then, my two sons walked into the room and asked what we were watching. They began in the fun of getting excited over every change the puppies made.

The boys nicknamed the one with the purple collar "Tail-biter" and the one with the black collar "Fish-wrestler". The blue collared puppy got the nickname of "Mr. Sleepy". After a while, the baby fell asleep and all was well. My dear daughter came in and said, "Are you for real? People are sitting around watching this? Wow!" Then, she began to watch and laugh at how cute they were.

After a while of puppy fun, the puppies all left the box and we were left with 18,000 other viewers, staring at a blanket with some toys spread out on it. We laughed at how 18,000 people could all be sitting around watching nothing. Then, the funniest thing happened and Fish-wrestler came in the box with a stuffed fish toy. We all laughed out loud as the puppy shook the fish and tumbled all over, tail wagging, rump in the air, chasing all the toys. It was as if this puppy was so happy to have the lair of toys all to himself. We looked up the puppies real names, but stuck with our nicknames in the end.

Who knew that wasting time on a Saturday morning could be so fun? Our dog will probably have puppies soon. We're thinking it might be fun to buy a webcam and do the same thing. Keep posted.

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