Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our Trip to the Library

I don't think most of you realize how lucky you are to have good libraries in your towns. Our library is a bit small and doesn't have much room for a large selection of books. Occasionally, we go to a neighboring town for a real treat in librariness and have a great time.

Yesterday was one of those days. We went on a whim. My son was staying home, pretending to be sick and was very bored with TV. He wanted to go somewhere, so I told him it would be a while, since I hadn't had a chance to shower and get ready. The baby had woken up too early and I would need to wait for her to take a nap. Out of the blue, he offered to watch the baby and let me have my shower. What a wonderful son! I took him up on his offer and quickly showered and we were off.

The long drive to the library proved to be just what the baby needed to take a nice nap. When we got there, we had a fun time lounging on beanbag chairs, choosing books, and walking with the baby. After a rapid checkout with baby's temper being tested, we took off to grab a hamburger and a chicken wrap from McDonald's. This is another treat we don't have too often in our remote location.

Last, but not least, we stopped at Wal-mart to savor the Christmas decorations and the new remodel. Oh yeah, and we bought a few things we were out of. After running into some friends and chatting about life and business, we hurried back home, snacking on chocolate chips along the way. We got there right before the school bus delivered my younger son from school.

Things like this may seem ordinary and boring for some, but I relish moments like these when I can hang out with my kids and have so much fun. They truly do bring me joy.


  1. The library is a treat! I like that your son was "pretending" to be sick -- I remember doing that as a child when I just wanted a break from school. Good for you for letting him stay home.

  2. What a joy to have a child who loves books...and a caring Mom who fills that need happily !

    Life may seem boring at times, but it is so worth it all !

  3. Thanks Christina and Mom for supporting my decision to let him stay home. Some of my favorite memories are from when I skipped school and played with my mom.

  4. Lynn, you sound like a sweet mom, too.

  5. Cute pics!! I so miss a good library..I am living in a very very tiny town..the library is a two story house..and only the lower level has books..and not that many!! I soooooooo miss my huge library in NC...tears, sniff, post! :)


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